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Avie Banks | Photography
Artist Statement
Home is a series of black and white photographs I’ve taken of the houses I’ve lived in previously. The series was originally made into a book. The photographs take place on the south side of Chicago and depict the emotions I felt while standing in front of each house.

The series begins with the first home I was born in, to the last house I’ve lived in. This series helped me heal from family issues that I don’t talk about. It can be challenging to confront and embrace the emotions of going back to places with so many memories. The photographs of my mother are a continuation of the series.

In the book, I discuss the strength I’ve watched my mom display throughout my life. Healing is an important aspect of this series, so it was important to confront the relationship she has with her body and how to embrace it. This work relates to the intersection of family violence and how vulnerability is a step towards healing.

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